How to Stand out from your groomsman

There are some simply but very effective ways to stand out from your groomsmen.  

1.       The contrasting waistcoat – In our opinion the best and probably the most popular way to make sure the groom stands out amongst his groomsmen. For example, if you’re going for a more traditional setting the classic navy three-piece suit, with a grey waistcoat is an excellent choice. Another combination that has grew in popularity is the blue three piece with a light brown waistcoat. Either way you’re guaranteed to look stand out and look awesome.  

2.       Contrasting tie or/and button hole flowers – if your set on wearing the same waistcoat as your groomsmen, then try going for a different tie option maybe a lighter or darker version on the same colour as groomsmen. Traditionally when wearing button whole flowers, the grooms will always be slightly bigger and better than the groomsmen.  

3.       Shoes – there are many different options for shoes. Many of the style coming in varied colours etc. You could stand out a little more by for example going for a brown/tan tweed brogue for the groomsmen and the groom could contrast with a brown brogue with a navy tweed feature.