We visit you in the comfort of your own home. Our stylist will bring samples of our whole range to help the groom choose his dream wedding attire. Our stylist will also measure and fit the groom making sure everything fits perectly. 
2. Gather your Groomsmen
Gather your groomsmen and lets make a night of it. Our stylist will start the night dishing out the beers. After that our stylist will measure and fit all of your groomsmen one by one making sure everything fits perfectly, whilst you all enjoy a night of beer and banter. 

3. Delivery

We aim to personally deliver your order to you 4 weeks before your big day. This helps you relax and enjoy the run up your wedding day knowing we have you covered. 


Who is this service perfect for? 

  1. Looking for that exta special personal service
  2. The laidback groom that wants an easy life
  3.  Busy Schedule and don't have time to search the shops
  4. Busy family life - Kids eh! 
  5. To be honest who wouldnt enjoy this kind of service! 

A Message From the Gaffer -Chris Curtis

Our story - The Idea for suitperior actually came from a bad experience sourcing suits for my own wedding back 2018. Choosing a wedding suit is a big deal and should be awarded with the best experience, its just a shame i didnt get that experience. Never mind, fastforwd to the night before my wedding, I was  having a few beers to calm the nerves with my groomsmen when the idea was mentioned of a mobile fitting service and that it would save all the hassle and stess, even add a bit more of a personal touch. That was when the idea for suitperior was born. 

Since launching in 2019, i have loved every minute of helping my grooms get wedding ready with an awesome hassle free, stress free experience. The part i love the most is the final fittings night, when all the groomsmen are enjoying a night with the lads having a couple beers and trying on their suits. 

Our Mission - For me when grooms are choosing a suit, the experience should match the experience the bride gets when choosing her wedding dress. At suitperior we aim to give every groom the best experience possible tailored to their needs. For some its just the thought of us coming to you, saving you the time and hassle. For others its the idea of enjoying a night with the lads. We look after you from start to finish. From helping you style the perfect look to delivering all of your suits in personalised garment bags directly to your door. 

If you choose to get wedding ready the Suitperior way, you certainly won't be dissapointed. 


Customer Gallery

A little look at some of our amazing customers.

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